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This bike rack is in Seoul, Korea. Click through to see some other creative bike racks.

Night ride #singlespeed #cycling #commute #car-free (Taken with instagram)


Can biking save the world?

From the Portland Business Journal:

A cool infographic from a Northwest coalition of health care management advocates also points out the health benefits of bike commuting. For example: The average worker will lose 13 pounds in their first year of biking to work.

New Years resolutions anyone?

The group also posits that Portland’s investment in bike-commuting infrastructure will save the city millions in health care expenses.

Self service bike repair station with vending machine that dispenses bike accessories.

Taking a cross-country road trip without a car — that’s the goal of quirky eco-adventurer, Boaz Frankel. Join him on his 12,000 mile journey by camel, couch bike, canoe, motorized cooler and 100 other modes of transportation as he meets inventors, entrepreneurs and government leaders on his quest for alternative, sustainable transportation. It’s the most unique and unusually challenging road trip you’ll ever see. It’s “The Un-Road Trip,” a new Halogen original series premiering April 22nd 2011 at 8pm ET.


The Obama administration more than doubled spending on cycling and walking initiatives to $1.2 billion (£810 million) last year as it seeks to coax Americans out of their cars.