The Roots and the Ruins

Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.


Long Term Exposure of Mating Gold Fireflies

Japanese photographer Yuki Karo goes to various places around Maniwa and Okayama Prefectures in Japan and uses long exposure to capture some stunning shots of mating gold fireflies.

This is absolutely beautiful.

A London based advocacy group is trying to introduce the acronym “GSD” for Gender and Sexuality Diversities in place of “LGBT” claiming it is more inclusive. 


The irony is that an HIV-positive person with a consistently undetectable viral load and the absence of other sexually transmitted diseases is up to 96-percent less likely to transmit HIV than an HIV-positive person who is untreated, especially in the presence of safer sex practices, and disputably even in the absence of safer sex practices. This means that it is much safer for an HIV-negative person to have sex with me than with someone who has mistakenly identified himself as HIV-negative, unaware that he has become HIV-positive since his last test, or with someone who is blatantly lying about his HIV status.
You move me. Like the first time I heard Billie’s blues. Or witnessed womanly blood between my childlike thighs. And though I was too young to understand the origin of either, I knew I’d never be the same.
— 出典:Isis (via moderndaygoddess)

He asked me, “Well, what if you found out that the trans woman you were attracted to still had a penis?”

I laughed and replied that I am attracted to people, not disembodied body parts. And I would be a selfish, ignorant, and unsatisfying lover if I believed that my partner’s genitals existed primarily for my pleasure rather than her own.

All that you ever need to know about genitals is that they are made up of flesh, blood, and millions of tiny, restless nerve endings- anything else that you read into them is mere hallucination, a product of your own overactive imagination.

— 出典:“Whipping Girl” by Julia Serano, Love Rant (via dirtyhands)

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Here’s the first part of our critics of capitlalism image series we’re uploading onto our Facebook featuring activists, historic figures, writers, artists, and movement leaders from various backgrounds and time periods idealogically united against capitalism. We’ll do another set tomorrow. In the mean time, like and share our photos on Tumblr, Facebook & everywhere else! :D

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